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Just take everything you read with a grain of sodium if you are looking at the internet sites being selling Neopoints as well as other Neopet products. Should they claim to have a ton of pleased customers with 'testimonials' know that those are only terms on a screen that anybody can type up and post. Unlike a real feedback system, such as the one utilized at e-bay, rogue sites can post up a summary of a hundred satisfied clients which are completely fictitious.

This six plush set makes for a great gift for people who are to the Neopets web site or even for kids who possess used the animals within the series. They've been well made and will resist many usage from children but are far more than ideal for those that collect the plushies. You can purchase standard sized plastic displays for them at most craft or doll shops if you wish to protect them from dirt or curious pets.
Renovation 007

Our aim is to build you a loft conversion that is not only of a high quality and at the right price, but gives you the additional living space that is beneficial and most importantly meets your needs.

Renovation 007

Whether you are looking to update your existing bathroom, wet room or en-suite; or create one as part of your building project then we can provide a complete, award winning service.

Home extentions designed and built

The Design and Build Process at Verdi ensures that all the build stages of your project are dealt with by one in-house organisation giving you a single point of contact for the whole project.

Home Renovations and Restoration

Whether you are looking to restore your home to its former period glory or to update it to give it a new, contemporary feel then Verdi Solutions can help.


Heating systems and eco heating, designed and built to very high standards

Whether you are looking to update your heating system as part of a renovation or extension project or are looking to put in a whole new heating system as part of a new build project Verdi can help.

Kitchens designed and built to very high standards

If you're looking to create a new kitchen in your home Verdi Solutions should be your first contact. We can co-ordinate the relevant trades required to carry out the complete installation of your ideal kitchen.